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Our Philosophy

Hi, I'm Molly.

I launched Brooks Design to help you design beautiful, accessible, and scalable products at the speed and quality you deserve.

Full-time designers are expensive, and it could take months to hire the right one. Outsourcing design risks shoddy work that needs major revisions when it's time to grow. You're building a company. You don't have that kind of time or risk tolerance.

At Brooks Design, we work closely with you to build one-of-a-kind products that help you scale, so you can get full-time design quality without sacrificing time & money.

Molly Brooks

Founder, Brooks Design

Our Affiliates

Beyond serving individual companies, we extend a compelling 30% discount on design services to accelerator, VC, and syndicate portfolios. By joining forces, we're dedicated to fueling innovation, providing unparalleled value, and helping your portfolio companies thrive through expert design support. Reach out today to become part of our affiliate program.

Our Ethics

High-quality, bespoke solutions

At Brooks Design, we are dedicated to delivering design solutions that stand the test of time, so you never have to lose sleep worrying about us. Your project is in the hands of experts who sweat the small stuff.

Genuine human connection

While we fully understand the value of great design, we also know that your business is more than its bottom line. When we work on your product, we prioritize the people that it serves above all else.

Design partners you can trust

We maintain a small client base and have the expertise and personal investment to help your company thrive. Our process is a true collaboration, blending our design knowledge with your unique vision.

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